11-26-2020 at 10:34 AM

The year of 2020 will be remembered for many reasons, the memories won‘t be all sweet….

But for the members of the Last Friday Reading Club, which has just marked its 1st anniversary,  this year is the year of „turning a new page“,  both figuratively and directly.

Set up last November, the Club has grown into a unique team of readers:  each with her own tastes and preferences, her own perceptions and visions, and all together – a joyful source of spiritual and professional growth.

Most of the Club sessions were held in the cozy and inspiring Infoteka of Menu Spaustuves (http://www.menuspaustuve.lt/lt/infoteka/informacija-lankytojui); during the spring lockdown the Club met via Skype, Zoom and in FB.

The list of the read and discussed books includes authors from Poland, Chili, France, Malaysia and Japan, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Estonia; the books were read either in the original or translated into Lithuanian, Russian, and English.

As suggested in the Club’s initial idea, the members will go on reading books by contemporary authors that have been translated into Lithuanian.

Last Friday Reading Club sessions: