Mission and Vision


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  • To protect and promote the Lithuanian language;
  • To promote multilingualism in Lithuania;
  • To improve quality of teacher training and teacher development;
  • To unify efforts and activities of language teaching institutions and language teacher’s associations and to help teachers improve professional competence and qualification.


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  • To represent the needs and interests of language teachers’ and language teaching institutions, associations and various other legal or natural persons in Lithuania and abroad.
  • To join international language teachers’ associations or organizations. To share experience and run joint projects together with international organizations and partners.
  • To encourage creativity and objective pupils/students language teaching/learning.
  • To encourage language teaching institutions, language teachers’ associations and language specialists’ participation and responsibility in solving the issues regarding teaching/learning as well as assessment and testing of pupils’/students’ linguistic competence.
  • To organize various languages teachers and lectures for common activities and make impact on the state language education policy in terms of education, content, evaluation and testing.