The Eighth International Conference of the Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania 9-10 June, 2014

05-05-2014 at 4:11 PM

On 9-10 June, 2014 The Eighth International Conference of the Language Teachers’ Association of Lithuania “The Modernization of Language Teaching and Learning in Europe: Variety, Quality, the Importance to Mobility and Work” was held. The conference participants were greeted by Algirdas Sysas, Deputy Seimas Speaker; Dr. Remigijus Motuzas, First Deputy Chancellor of the Lithuanian Government; Genoveita Krasauskienė, Vice-minister of the Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania; J. E. Miguel Arias Estevez, Spain’s ambassador to Lithuania; academician Algirdas Gaižutis, the Rector of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences; Frédéric BELLIDO, Conseiller de Coopération et d’Action culturelle de l’Ambassade de Franceen Lituanie, Directeur de l’Institut français de Lituanie; Sarah Talalay, the representative of the USA embassy; Dr. Gintautas Bražiūnas, the Director of Vilnius University of Applied Sciences.

Interesting plenary papers were read by Daiva Vaišnienė, The Chairperson of the Lithuanian State Language Commission; Christel Schneider from Germany; Silvija Karklina from Latvia; Tadas Vizgirda, the President of The American Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania; Vilma Bačkiūtė from Lithuania; Teri McCarthy from the USA; Iveta Vitola from Latvia; Luc Aubry from France; Pat William-Boyd from the USA; Andžej Račkovski from Lithuania; Ton Koenraad from the Netherlands; and Daiva Malinauskienė from Lithuania.

The discussion “The Modernization of Language Teaching and Learning”, moderated by Eglė Šleinotienė, the President of LKPA, and Silvija Karklina, received a lot of attention from the conference participants. Apart from the already mentioned professionals, Beatrice Boufoy-Bastick from Trinidad and Tabago; Linas Selmistraitis from Lithuania; Pat Williams-Boyd from the USA, Danutė Rasimavičienė from Lithuania; Zita Tarvydienė from Lithuania and Jane Preston from the USA also took part in the discussion.

On the second day of the conference 18 professionals read their papers; 14 poster presentations were presented. The conference was positively evaluated in the Lithuanian media:

Conference proceedings

Conference moments

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